Weekend Reading: The Post-Sandy Landscape

A look at what we’re reading, cooking, and clicking now.

• The New York Times takes stock of how the power outage downtown and parts of midtown Manhattan has affected the city's dining establishments. In one case, a restaurant without electricity conducts business in candlelight, keeps its food cold over dry ice, and cooks in a wood-burning stove. —Gabriella Gershenson

• Red Hook, Brooklyn, was hit hard by the storm, and Time reports on how all the food establishments of that area are affected, including Fort Defiance, owned by SAVEUR contributor St. John Frizzell, and the very popular Brooklyn Fairway, where the watermark is 7 feet high on the outside of the building. As for myself, I'm home-bound with a stomach flu in the wake of the storm, I actually can't eat much of anything, so I'm fascinated with the Huffington Post's reports of the binging that people are turning to for comfort after the storm. —Betsy Andrews

• In this month's issue of Maine magazine, writer Sophie Nelson shares a thoughtful and evocative story about her first time going hunting at an old camp in the vast woods of northern Maine. —Anna Stockwell

• As a meat-loving and vegan-appreciating individual, I often find it difficult to entertain friends on both side of the spectrum with delicious, non-divisive food. In Julia Felsenthal's interactive feature for the New York Times Magazine, we follow Anna Burke and Justin Patterson, two friends in the business of hosting the "foolproof vegan/carnivore dinner party for their picky-eater friends and family. —Maria Yagoda

• I'm a longtime fan of Southern food authority—and SAVEUR contributor—John T. Edge. So I was pretty excited when I saw his list of the top 12 Southern dishes on Garden & Gun magazine's website this month. From fried cornbread in Nashville to a Cherokee purple tomato sandwich in North Carolina, the list has me hankering for a road trip from storm-ravaged New York City to sample his selections below the Mason-Dixon line. Thankfully, at least one of the winners, the Salted Lime Pie from pastry chef Kieren Baldwin, is available here, at The Dutch restaurant in Soho. (According to Edge, "Baldwin is not a Southerner. But somehow she manages to bake like a Southerner, channeling our love of all things pie and our devotion to sweet and salty denouements.")—Keith Pandolfi

• Over at Slate, I've been enjoying an article about Lilian Gilbreth, a pioneer in modern kitchen design, whose research into how to make the kitchen a comfortable and efficient workspace led to the 36-inch high kitchen counter, among other things. —Karen Shimizu

• Cartoonist and SAVEUR contributor Sarah Becan may live in Chicago, but as she points out in her latest, very poignant comic [pictured above right], being outside the reach of Superstorm Sandy doesn't mean there isn't anything she can do to help. —Helen Rosner

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