Weekend Reading: Exploding Food, The Guacamole Apocalypse, and More

What we’re reading, cooking and clicking this week.

You know how when life gets truly unnerving you feel like you could explode? Engineer and photographer Alan Sailer took his frustration out on his food and managed to capture the beautiful blast. —_Kellie Evans

Esquire's_ Aaron Goldfarb, a fellow fan of HBO's True Detective, was paying REALLY close attention to the scenes in the show where Matthew McConaughey's character makes paper-doll-like men out of beer cans. Here's his step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself—just in time for the season finale. —Karen Shimizu

I loved Buzzfeed's hilarious list of the 7 types of foodies. I think I know someone who fits into every category listed, but my favorite is number 6: The authenticity obsessed foodie who "went traveling once so now he's tried all the foods and knows all the things." —Felicia Campbell

Tortilla chips in hand, I was pleased to read that the Mexican chain restaurant Chipotle, which uses 97,000 avocados a day in its food, is claiming that reports of a global-warming-induced guacapocalypse—a dearth of guacamole in the wake of diminishing avocado harvests—are premature. —Betsy Andrews

One of my favorite tourist attractions, no matter what town I'm in, is a family owned grocery store. Unfortunately they're hard to find. This story from Kentucky Monthly tells the tale of one such place, Bruce's Grocery, a fourth-generation family grocery in Mason, Kentucky that started out (literally) in the back of a station wagon. —Keith Pandolfi

I'm so impressed by experienced drinkers who hold their wine glasses with a delicate pinch of the base—as an only occasional wine drinker, I'm more of a nervously-clutch-the-stem girl. For everyone else, there's the Savory's tongue-in-cheek guide to 15 different ways you can hold a wine glass, and what each grip says about you. —Helen Rosner

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