All in the Timing

Cooking hinges on timing. Often we rely on our instincts, as when judging the doneness of a grilled steak. But without the mechanized kitchen timer, patented by Thomas Norman Hicks in 1926, we’d have overproofed dough and under-boiled eggs. Below are some of the best timers we’ve tried.

By Kellie Evans

Published on May 24, 2014

**1 **Lux Spring Wound Timer Amazon $8 Even if you've left the kitchen, you'll hear the loud, long bell on this classic hand-cranked timer.

**2 **Oxo Good Grips Triple Timer OXO $20 Keeping tabs on three dishes at once, this timer also has nonstick rubber feet that anchor it to the countertop.

**3 **Omega Speedmaster Omega $3,570 Chefs like Tao's Ralph Scamardella rely on versatile watches like this one that clock time, date, and speed.

**4 **Kikkerland Magnetic Kitchen Timer $18 The telephone-like ring amplifies when this 55-minute magnetic timer is attached to an oven's metal exterior.

**5 **Polder 3-in-1 Timer Polder $17 This digital timer counts down for up to ten hours, doubles as a clock and stopwatch, and comes with a neck strap for portability.

**6 **Thermoworks Extra Big & Loud Thermoworks $29 This rugged timer has a built-in memory, counts down or up by the second, and features a large LCD display.

**7 **Joseph Joseph Pie Timer Joseph Joseph $16 The pie slice gets smaller as the minutes tick away in this timer's clever visual cue.

**8 **Williams-Sonoma Rotary Timer Williams-Sonoma $16 The LCD display on this timer can be read from across the room, and the beep persists for a full minute.

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