Passover Seder, Inspired by the Sussmans

Chewy Almond Macaroons
Chewy Almond Macaroons

Chewy Almond Macaroons

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  1. Feel free to cook the brisket and the potatoes for the kugel a day or two ahead of time, then store them separately in the refrigerator until you're ready to assemble and bake.
  2. More things you can make a few days ahead of time here: Both salad dressings, the gefilte fish terrine, and the roasted beets.
  3. If you're not familiar with fresh horseradish—which adds bite to this otherwise simple salad—read up on how to buy, use, and store it here.
  4. The gefilte fish only calls for two tablespoons of matzo meal; use your surplus to make matzo ball soup or coat fried chicken.

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