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  1. Modernist latkes may be unconventional, but they're absolutely delicious, and they store well. You can complete the recipe up to step 2, then keep in the freezer up to a month before you plan on enjoying them. Bring them back to room temperature before frying.
  2. Blintzes are a traditional Jewish dish made with delicate crêpes and sweet cheese filling. Learn more about their tasty varieties, and the story behind this menu's recipe, in David Sax's article Blissful Blintz.
  3. The salad utilizes kale's ability to stand up to dressing; you can make the it a day in advance and its taste and texture will only improve. Substitute dried cranberries for the suggested currants, or toss in a handful of chopped pecans, almonds, or pine nuts.
  4. The donuts require two hours rising time before frying, and are most delicious served fresh, so budget time accordingly. For easy filling, use a paring knife to create an opening in one side, then pipe in the jelly.
  5. For more recipe ideas, see our collection of Hanukkah dishes.

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