Menu: A Louisiana Gumbo Party

Arnaud's Café Brûlot Diabolique
Arnaud's Café Brûlot Diabolique

Our simplified version of the flaming coffee cocktail served at Arnaud’s in New Orleans uses strong black coffee spiced with whole cloves and citrus peels. Orange curaçao and brandy give it a sweet, boozy kick. Get the recipe for Arnaud’s Café Brûlot Diabolique »

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  1. Before you get started, ready your gumbo arsenal with our gumbo tool and ingredient guide, and be sure to check out chef Donald Link's tricks for perfecting the dish »
  2. Most Louisianians believe you can't make a good gumbo without a roux. That may be so, but, as it turns out, you can make a roux without exhaustively stirring it over a hot stove. Alton Brown, host of Good Eats, offers cramped wrists and sweating brows a respite with his simple, indirect cooking method »
  3. In Louisiana gumbos, rice functions more as a garnish than as a starchy pillar of the meal. Don't serve your gumbo atop rice—rather, stir the rice in just before serving.
  4. At Prejean's restaurant in Lafayette, LA, it is common for diners to stir potato salad right into the gumbo. Doing so cools the gumbo down and adds a welcome creaminess. You can make the potato salad up to a day in advance: pull it out of the refrigerator about twenty minutes before serving and garnish with cayenne and scallions.
  5. You can also make the smothered okra up to a day in advance; reheat over medium-low heat before serving.
  6. Read more about Louisiana gumbo in Keith Pandolfi's feature Gumbo Paradise »

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