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Growing up in India, I was ruined, perhaps for life, by all the amazing flavors I encountered. But, often when I begin feeling nostalgic, it isn’t the taste of tandoori chicken, naan or mattar paneer I long for, but the crisp tang of Limca soda, straight from the cold, glass bottle. Coca-Cola first manufactured Limca, the “No. 1 Sparkling Drink in the Cloudy Lemon Segment,” in 1971, primarily for the Indian market. The lemonade-esque soft drink is typically sold in glass bottles and tastes much like its tagline promises: tart, fizzy, refreshing and sweet, but not cloyingly so, and a perfect match for the spiciness of Indian food. Whenever I’m at an Indian grocer, I always pick up a few bottles. Once home, I take a sip, close my eyes, and feel like I am ten years old again.

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