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One Good Find: Nutwhats

Sweet, crunchy, buttery snack perfection

By Sophie Brickman

Published on January 10, 2014

Just what are they, exactly? Cookie bits? Brittle? Nut clusters? Jacked up granola bars? Their website describes them as “‘free form’ unadulterated buttery nuggets,” but that’s a real mouthful and, let’s face it, all I care about is having some in my mouth at any given moment and not putting too fine a point on the nomenclature. The brainchild of Lisa Rast, a former competitive figure skater, these sweet, crunchy, outside-the-box confections span the spectrum from unusual-yet-tasty (take the green chile beer britty, a peanut brittle kicked up with New Mexican green chiles) to comforting-yet-tasty (like the cinna walnut oat). In this new world of sweets there even exists a subcategory of Nutwhats, “nutwhat scribbles,” which come drizzled in chocolate. Yum.

Nutwhats, $26.95 for a 1-lb. gift box containing up to four flavors at

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