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Addictive Condiment: Black Crack

Crack is, indeed, wack. But Black Crack? Well, that’s something we can support

Garlic that's been aged and fermented into mellow, sweet-sour, coal black nuggets, Obis One's Black Crack might just be poised to join salt and pepper as a ubiquitous tableside seasoning. It's ready to be ground over all kinds of things: salads, seared steaks, anywhere you want a hit of tangy, tamarind-like notes. Employ it as a pizza topping, or purée it into a sauce. At his Philadelphia restaurant Volvér, Jose Garces uses it to create a flavorful crust for thyme-glazed bread, which he serves with smoked butter. But even if you simply try it on a fried egg in the morning, you'll find it's everything it's cracked up to be. ($25 for 2 oz.;

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