Chervil Recipes

Chervil, a delicate herb similar to parsley, is part of the mixture of herbs referred to as fines herbes, a classic ingredient in French cooking. It adds a light, anise-like flavor to soups, salads, and sauces, and makes a wonderful garnish for any number of bright spring recipes.

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Currant Tomato Parfait The texture of the jellied tomato consomme, says Paul Bertolli, should be really jiggly–hardly holding together. He advises aiming for the consistency of a very soft custard. See the recipe for Currant Tomato Parfait » Melanie Acevedo
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Salt Cod with Garlic Cream (Bacalla Confitat amb Salsa d’All i Rossinyols)

In this dish, Santamaria’s delicate garlic cream suggests a refined version of allioli, the basic Catalan emulsion of garlic and olive oil.
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Pate in a Pastry Crust

A well-made Pate in pastry crust is one of the glories of traditional French cooking. See the recipe for Pate in a Pastry Crust»

Marinated Vegetable and Herb Salad

Marinated Vegetable and Herb Salad
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Shrimp Cocktail with Avocado

Large poached shrimp are dressed in an herbed mayonnaise and served on a bed of lettuce and avocado in this refreshing take on the traditional hors d’oeuvre. Get the recipe for Shrimp Cocktail with Avocado »

Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce

Inspired by a recipe in The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook (Random House, 1982), this dish is lovely for dining al fresco with family and friends on a fine spring evening. The recipe appears in “Farming for the Love of Food,” a story by Peggy Knickerbocker, about California farmers, that ran in our July/August 1995 issue. See the recipe for Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce »
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See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
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See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
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Asparagus Ragout with Cherry Tomatoes and Chervil Beurre Blanc

Best served as an appetizer or side dish, this recipe makes good use of spring’s fresh white asparagus. See the recipe for Asparagus Ragout »

Chilled Carrot Soup with Fines Herbes Mousse

This intense soup from the French Laundry seems to capture the very essence of fresh carrots. ** See the recipe for Chilled Carrot Soup with Fines Herbes Mousse »**
See the Recipe Andre Baranowski
See the Recipe André Baranowski

Mushroom Cappuccino (Bouillon de Champignons Comme un Cappuccino)

Michelin three-star chef Alain Chapel wowed author Gael Greene with this innovative “cappuccino”, a rich, earthy soup made with mushrooms. To foam the broth, use the steamer attachment on a cappuccino machine, or froth it in a blender. Get the recipe for Mushroom Cappuccino (Bouillon de Champignons Comme un Cappuccino) »
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Lobster Américaine with Asparagus and Tomatoes

The tomato-wine sauce for this light lobster dish gets depth of flavor from the addition of the lobster’s tomalley.

Sautéed Crab with Avocado, Grapefruit and Herb Salad

Crabmeat is rubbed with a smoky chile paste, then sautéed and tossed in a refreshing salad of creamy avocado, tart grapefruit, and herbs. Get the recipe for Sautéed Crab with Avocado, Grapefruit and Herb Salad »

Duck Liver Mousse with Cipolline Onions and Mushrooms

In this creamy, refined version of liver and onions, ethereal duck liver mousse pairs with caramelized cipolline onions and mushrooms.
Deviled bluefish
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Cream of Chervil Soup (Kerbelsuppe)

Chervil stems are used to enrich the broth in this simple herb soup. Get the recipe for Cream of Chervil Soup (Kerbelsuppe) »

Boulettes de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Salt cod fritters, a specialty of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, gain herbaceous dimension from potatoes cooked in a wine-laced court bouillon.