Crêpes Filled with Sauerkraut

Rolled Sauerkraut Crepes
Crêpes Filled with SauerkrautIngalls Photography

Sauerkraut is rolled inside savory herb crêpes for this delicious side dish from Biergarten Cookbook: Traditional Bavarian Recipes by Julia Skowronek (Dorling Kindersley, March 2015). This recipe first appeared with the 2015 SAVEUR 100 item Rediscover German Food.

Emrich Schönleber Lenz Riesling Halbtrocken 2013
"This is a fruity yet high-acid style of riesling with great peach and pear flavors to balance the acidic tang of the sauerkraut and the sour cream." –Raj Vaidya, head sommelier, Daniel, NYC