VIDEO: How to Fill and Roll Tamales

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on December 23, 2013

Tamales are one of our favorite foods to serve at a holiday party or any other large gathering: Everyone loves them, and they're perfect make-ahead fare, since they freeze beautifully. In our latest Ask the Test Kitchen video, associate editor Felicia Campbell demonstrates the simple technique for filling and rolling a perfect tamale.


  • Pre-soaked corn husks
  • Masa tamale dough
  • Whatever filling you like


  • Take the husks, the narrow end should be facing fingers, with the smooth side up
  • Spread about a quarter-cup of the masa onto a corner of the tamale
  • Take a little bit of filling—not too much, or the tamale will split!—and spread it right down the middle
  • Starting on the side, fold the dough over your filling, tucking the edge of the tamale under. Squeeze and roll until closed.
  • Twist the excess husk closed, and tuck it under
  • Freeze the tamales until you're ready to use them, or put them into a steaming pot of water for about two hours to cook


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