Fruits of Palestine

By Felicia Campbell

Published on November 21, 2013

Palestine was one of the earliest agricultural centers, dating back nearly 11 millennia. Though violence and upheavals have taken a toll on farming, in recent years, co-ops across the West Bank have been reviving the production of ancient foods. Among our favorites are freekeh, young green wheat that's been roasted and cracked. Cooked ike rice, Moon Valley Whole Grain Freekeh (far left) from Jenin in the north, has a rugged texture and nutty flavor with a hint of smokiness. It's great in tabbouleh or substituted in pilaf. For making sfiha, flatbread topped with ground beef and tahini, we love Moon Valley Tahini (far right), sesame paste produced by the Tamam family in the city of Nablus. Canaan Fair Trade Maftoul (second from left), a Palestinian couscous made from bulgur and durum flour, is delicious boiled in chicken stock and layered with chickpeas in the dish also called maftoul. Canaan Fair Trade Nabali Tree Olive Oil (second from right), pressed from organic olives, is mild with a slight minerality and a peppery finish. It shines as a dressing for a simple chopped tomato, cucumber, and herb salad.

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