Our 11 Best Collard Greens Recipes Because They’re Not Just A Southern Side Dish

The soul food staple green is more versatile than you may think

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on February 1, 2018

Collard greens braised with ham hock and doused with vinegar and hot sauce is such a popular Southern American dish that people often think the vegetable and the dish are the same thing. But to associate the bitter greens solely with the soul food staple is to ignore everything else the vegetable can do. In some households, children grow up eating collard greens on New Year's Day to symbolize wealth in the new year, and in other homes, collard greens are a year-round delicacy served in soups, salads, or by themselves, seasoned in skillets. Whether you're looking to try a new leafy green on your sandwich or sauté this vegetable as a side dish, our best collard greens recipes have you covered.

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