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Man farming for green chiles
Matt Taylor-Gross

For fervent fans of New Mexico’s famed Hatch chile, no other pepper will do. The fire-roasted capsicum’s measured heat, fruity flavor, and gentle twang are an essential ingredient in New Mexican cuisine and throughout the Southwest, from salsas to burgers to enchiladas.

But finding genuine Hatch chiles outside the Land of Enchantment can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why we asked chef, cookbook author, and Hatch chile connoisseur David Tanis for his favorite sources. Here’s where to start your own chile hunt.

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Zia Green Chile Company

Zia Hatch Green Chile
courtesy of Zia Green Chile Company

Zia sells jars of roasted, peeled, and diced Hatch chiles and salsas year-round at Whole Foods and at local specialty markets. During Hatch harvest season (August through October), the company also hosts Hatch chile-roasting events and offers freshly roasted chiles at various locations nationwide. Get Zia Hatch Chile Sauce »

The Hatch Chile Store

Hatch Green Chile Store fresh chiles
courtesy of Hatch Green Chile Store

Preston Mitchell is a fourth-generation Hatch man, and his online store is a go-to destination for fresh, frozen, and even freeze-dried Hatch chiles. Get Fresh Hatch Green Chiles »

Hatch Chile Express

Hatch Chile Express Green Chiles
courtesy of Hatch Chile Express

In addition to frozen green chiles, Hatch Chile Express also sells chile seeds for planting in your own garden and decorative dried red chile ristras. Get Handpicked Hatch Chiles »

505 Southwestern

505 Southwestern Flame Roasted Variety
courtesy of 505 Southwestern

Flame-roasted green chiles straight from the valley are just the start at 505 Southwestern. The peppers make their way into their jarred salsas, sauces, and even into their queso dips. Get Flame Roasted Green Chile »

Watch How Founder of Zia Green Chile Company Harvests the Peppers in New Mexico