Ice Cube Makers for All Your Favorite Cocktails

Upgrade your home bar with specialty ice trays and machines

In this modern world, different drinks call for different shapes of ice. A Negroni or Scotch on the rocks can benefit big time from a single large “king cube.” A Dark ‘n Stormy or any other simple highball cocktail can be fancified with long “spear” ice. And while you’re at it, why not dress up your kid’s (or your own) lemonade with some cute cubettes? Yes, having a variety of ice options does help with presentation, but the right ice can also keep your beverages from diluting too quickly. Most importantly, ice cube molds are fun, and that’s what making cocktails is all about.

The perfect pairing for drinks on the rocks. Amazon


The Samuelworld Ice Cube Trays come in sets of two, and each tray produces eight cubes that are just under 2 by 2 inches. They are made with flexible silicone for easy squeezing. These trays also feature plastic tops to prevent spillage en route to the freezer. The size is also great for making cubes out of juice or infusing ice with flowers or herbs.

Choose these spheres for your best bourbon or Scotch. Better Kitchen Products


The Better Kitchen Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker comes with a two-cavity silicone mold to create 2.4-inch spheres of ice. The insulated immersion reservoir also prevents gas particles from sneaking in. You won’t need bottled or distilled water to make these beautiful ice balls, just start with warm water, and the slow-freezing process will leave you with flawless ice that matches the purity of your favorite spirit.

Look to these for long-sipping cocktails. Vinkoe Kitchen


The Vinkoe Kitchen Silicone Collins Ice Cube Trays come in a set of two trays that each make four “cubes” of 5.25 x 1.25 x 1.25-inches. This collins or “spear” ice is ideal for a Gin and Tonic, Dark n’ Stormy, or any of the other tall drinks that so often suffer at the hands of wimpy ice. These trays are heavy duty and can withstand both freezing temperatures as well as temps as high as 230 degrees. As a plus, you can use them as butter molds! Indulge!

Impress your party guests. glacio


These molds create 21 cubes each, making them the perfect ice trays for when you have a lot of guests over for a cocktail party. The molds come with lids to prevent spillage and contamination, and as a bonus, they’re also stackable.

Upgrade your home bar with this machine. Firstbuild


This ice maker measures 15.5 x 10.5 x 17.2 inches, a manageable size for such a powerful machine. It can produce 24 pounds of ice a day, takes about 20 minutes per batch, and comes with a bin that holds up to three pounds at a time. It also has Bluetooth compatibility for scheduling batches, and sensors to ensure it stops making ice when the bin is full. This machine also conveniently doesn’t need a hookup to a water source; simply plug it in, fill it with water, and any water collected from ice that has melted will be remade into ice.

Make big batches of tiny ice. Mziart


The Mziart Easy Release Mini Ice Cube Trays come as a fun set of four in blue, pink, green, and white, and each tray makes 60 small cubes. At 2.2 x 2.2 x 1.5 centimeters each, they’re especially nice for blended drinks, wine spritzers, or punch bowls. The ice is also small enough to slip into the mouth of a bottled drink.