Even if you’re trying to grow something as simple as herbs, gardening comes with a learning curve. There are so many factors to consider: soil, water, light, pests, you name it. And for those who live in urban environments with limited to no access to green spaces, there’s another dilemma altogether: Where will these things grow? Enter indoor herb gardens. They’re compact, easy to maintain, and mess-free. Best of all, they’ll keep you in fresh herbs year-round. No more sifting through the plastic clamshells at the grocery store to find the best-looking herbs; they’ll already be in your kitchen, just a snip away. Here, a few of our favorite indoor gardening kits that will take you from seed to fresh herbs in no time.

The most hands-off option on the list, this in-home hydroponic garden is self-watering. Click and Grow

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The highest-tech option on this list, this self-watering Click and Grow Smart Garden makes planting and growing a cinch. It relies on hydroponics (no soil here!) and energy-efficient LED lights to grow everything from herbs to strawberries to chile peppers. All you have to do is to pop in the pre-seeded plant pods (the kit comes with basil), add water, and plug in the unit—and you’ll soon be the proud owner of a thriving garden. The base is available in gray, white, and beige.

Small but mighty, this compact kit can fit three plants at a time. AeroGarden

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Small but mighty, AeroGarden’s indoor garden kit can easily fit on any kitchen countertop or living room surface. Using a fuss-free hydroponic system and a 10-watt LED light, it can accommodate up to three plants at a time. While the kit includes seed pods for basil, parsley, and dill, you can also use it to grow salad greens or flowers. And don’t worry about neglecting your miniature garden: the smart control panel automatically turns lights on and off and reminds you when to add water or plant food.

Great for beginners. Window Garden

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If you’re not into the tech-y in-home gardens and actually want to work with some soil, Window Garden’s self-watering planters are an excellent (and super affordable!) choice. Taking care of your herbs is as simple as filling water up to the line inside the pot and refilling it when the water has been depleted. The kit includes three planters, soil, germination bags, and plant markers—all you need is seeds or starter plants. The pots also come in a variety of different colors, so finding a set that coordinates with your home décor won’t be an issue.