The Best Kitchen Carts and Islands to Get Today

Because there’s no such thing as too much kitchen storage

You know when you're cooking a gigantic meal, and you find yourself wishing you had just a little bit more space? A counter to set a few bowls, or another surface where you can chop vegetables? Or how about a place to store some extra kitchen supplies? Enter: the kitchen cart. We love a portable kitchen cart, which is there when you want it and gone when you need the space. If you have enough room, a kitchen island is even better. If your kitchen doesn't come with one, there are plenty of options for something stationary, sturdy, and perfect for all your kitchen needs.

Below, check out the kitchen carts and islands we’re adding to our carts right now.

The Bare-Bones Option

The Bare-Bones Option
Hey, we know not everyone has the space—or the need—for a big, heavy, space-consuming piece of furniture in the middle of their kitchen. If you're living in a studio the size of an economy-sized car, you may want something that can move quickly and easily, and can be used as storage just about anywhere. If that's you, you may love this all-purpose utility cart.Seville Classics

The Bare Bones Option with a Touch More Storage

The Bare Bones Option with a Touch More Storage
This cart doesn't have wheels, but it's another basic stainless steel choice. It's wood countertop makes it a little more kitchen-friendly, and it has a little overhead storage for anything that needs hanging.Seville Classics

A Basic Wood Choice

Catskill Craftsmen Grand Workcenter with Drop Leaf
This little wooden island has wheels and a drop leaf, perfect for when you need to create a little more counter space. It only has one drawer, but there's a shelf at the bottom for any of your storage needs.Catskill Craftsmen

Pretty and Portable

Topeakmart Portable Rolling Drop Leaf Kitchen Island Cart White Tile Top Folding Trolley Table, 1 Wood Drawer & 2 Steel Baskets
While it's perhaps not as sturdy as some of the other choices in this roundup, this budget option packs a lot of bang for its buck. It has a drop leaf on either side, or if you just want to use it for the storage, that's also an option. This baby is compact enough to squeeze into a small space.Topeakmart

For the Column-Lover

Home styles island
If you're looking for something a bit more bigger and more intricate than the portable options, this might be the island for you. It has a distressed finish and a hardwood oak countertop with knobs to match, and you'll find plenty of shelf space on the sides.Home Styles

Classic and Functional

Classic and Functional kitchen island
This stationary island will bring all your country house-living dreams to life. It's large, sturdy, and can easily store "platters and glassware," according to Amazon. You can also buy it as a set with matching stools.Home Styles

If You Want the Best of Both Worlds

Best Choice Products 3-Tier Wood Rolling Kitchen Island Utility Serving Cart w/Stainless Steel Countertop - Natural
This cart will placate wood and stainless steel lovers. It sits on wheels so it's easy to move, and in addition to two drawers and two shelves, there's also a towel rack on the side.Best Choice Products