The Best Lunch Bags for Adults

Transport your midday meal in style

A reusable 'brown bag' made out of waxed canvas is just one of your chic options.
A reusable 'brown bag' made out of waxed canvas is just one of your chic options.Amazon

Who says kids are the only ones who get to have dedicated lunch bags? Taking your lunch to work, school, or on a picnic doesn’t have to be a drag. Ditch those crumpled paper sacks and flimsy plastic grocery bags—neither are great for transporting food or keeping it cold or warm anyway. Here are four grown-up lunch bags we love for their functionality, convenience, and style.

WEI CLASSIC Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, Waterproof, Durable, Eco Friendly, Large Size Brown Paper Bag Styled, Lunch Box for Men, Women & Kids
Do you live in Brooklyn and pickle your own vegetables? This was made for you.Wei Global

If the good ‘ol days of lunch-taking remain a nostalgic wonder, then this is the lunch bag for you. This waxed canvas lunch tote is a sturdy, waterproof version of the paper sacks of yesteryears. The bag is very easy to clean and even includes a pocket for slipping in a lunch note, if that’s your thing. Once you’ve filled the tote with your lunch and snacks, simply roll the top down.

Srise Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box, Wide-Open Meal Prep Lunch Tote Bags Durable Nylon Snacks Organizer for Men and Women - Grey
Built to keep hot or cold foods fresh.Srise

This insulated tote by Srise looks more like a purse than a traditional lunch bag. In fact, you wouldn't even be able to tell that it's holding food. It has sturdy handles and handy front and back pockets that leave lots of nooks and crannies for tucking food. You don't have to worry about spills, either: the cloth is waterproof.

YETI Daytrip Packable Lunch Bag
From the brand behind the best coolers comes this reliable option.YETI

From the brand that brought you the crème de la crème of coolers comes this bag that's sure to give your lunch the golden treatment. The Yeti Daytrip lunch bag, which comes in three colors, is a fold-and-go-style bag. The insulation on the inside is guaranteed to keep either cold or hot food the proper temperature for hours.

SoYoung Large Cooler Bag - Adult Lunch, Raw Linen, Eco-Friendly, Retro and Easy to Clean - Red Poppy
It’s made for picnics in the park.SoYoung

This lunch bag comes with a long strap that allows you to wear it as a crossbody or messenger bag, making it perfect for lunches that are slightly more long distance—think picnics at the park or the beach. The linen exterior is also machine-washable, as long as you remove the aluminum insert first. And don’t forget to take advantage of that back pocket to pack cutlery or napkins!