The Best Salt Boxes—and Why You Need One

Also known as a salt cellar or salt pig, it's a stylish, practical way to store the most essential ingredient in your kitchen

salt boxes
Keep your salt close—in a salt box.Matt Taylor-Gross

Salt is undeniably the most important ingredient in the kitchen. It brings out the flavor of your food and drinks, adds texture, and can even be used as a preservation or cooking method (think preserved lemons or salt-baked fish). So why is such a crucial ingredient so often stowed away in the spice cabinet or trapped in an imprecise grinder or shaker? Salt deserves its own designated container, one that's handsome enough to live on your kitchen counter at all times. We recommend using a salt box—the wide mouth makes it easy to dip your fingers or a measuring spoon into, and the vessel serves as a gentle reminder that whatever you're cooking could probably use a little more salt. Whether you call it a salt box, cellar, pig, or keeper, here are our favorite containers for keeping salt within reach–where it should be.

Emile Henry Salt Pig

Emile Henry Salt Pig
Made in France since 1850, this glazed ceramic salt box is timeless.Emile Henry

If your kitchen aesthetic is more along the lines of French farmhouse, this classic French ceramic salt pig is the way to go. It has an elegant curved shape and is available in a variety of rich colors.

Bee House Salt Box

Bee House Salt Box with a Lid
We’re coveting this tasteful salt box in a rainbow of hues.Bee House (Zero Japan)

Whether you need a pinch of salt for a seven-minute egg or a handful for a pot of pasta water or a pickling project, it'll be easy to access in this Japanese salt box with a flip-up lid. The modern design comes in more than 10 colors—get one for your everyday kosher salt and another for your fancy sea salt.

Berard Wood Salt Keeper

Berard Wood Salt Keeper
You’ll never lose the lid for this wood salt box—it’s magnetic.Berard

If you have a penchant for losing lids, this handcrafted olive-wood salt box with a magnetic swivel lid is a great option. It comes in two styles: all wood, or wood and white concrete.

KooK Glass Salt Cellar

KooK Glass Salt Cellar with Lid
A clear glass salt cellar makes it easy to tell if you’re running low.KooK

A clear glass salt box allows you to take inventory of how much salt you have at a glance. The matching lid keeps the seasoning free from moisture (and curious house pets). Bonus: since "salt" is embossed on the front, no one will accidentally mistake it for sugar.

atelierCUT Square Salt Cellar

atelierCUT Square Salt Cellar
The wooden lid contrasts nicely against the gray concrete salt box.atelierCUT

This handmade salt cellar with a wooden lid is perfect for the minimalist kitchen. Made out of concrete (in gray, dark gray, or white), it's durable and easy to keep clean.

Totally Bamboo Triple Salt Box

Totally Bamboo Triple Salt Box
Display your collection of salts in this stylish, swiveling three-compartment box.Amazon

This wooden salt box with three swiveling compartments is ideal for showing off a salt connoisseur's collection, from Himalayan pink to Icelandic black lava to French sel gris.

Pagepottery Turquoise Salt Cellar

Pagepottery Turquoise Salt Cellar
Since this ceramic salt pig is handmade, no two are alike.Pagepottery

Hand-thrown from stoneware clay, this striking turquoise salt box combines form and function. It holds about a cup of salt and would add a welcome pop of color to any kitchen.

Restaurantware Ninth Steam Table Pan

Restaurantware 1/9th Steam Table Pan
If you’re a budding chef (or simply go through a lot of salt in your kitchen), the ninth pan is for you.Restaurantware

You're likely to find one of these ninth steam table pans filled with salt in restaurant kitchens across the country. While it's not technically a salt box, it's just the thing for the home cook who dreams of turning their kitchen into the city's hottest pop-up restaurant.