The Best Trivets (And Why You Need One)

Protect your kitchen counters and table from heat damage

There's a moment when after turning off the stove or pulling finished labor of love from the oven, holding a finished dish with nowhere to put it down. That’s exactly when you need a trivet. These handy tools act as a protective barrier shielding hot items from ruining tabletops and counters. Rather than place a hot pot or casserole dish on a tablecloth or dish towel, upgrade to a trivet that can act as both a functional and stylish centerpiece to dinner. Because after all, an investment in a solid trivet is an investment in the upkeep of your home. Choose from these trivets to transform a needed kitchen tool into a stylish accessory you’ll want to display.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Trivet

Le Creuset blue ceramic trivel
Le Creuset's cast-iron trivet is enameled for wear and tear as well as decorated with an intricate design.Amazon

A classic pick, this Le Creuset trivet combines the sturdiness of cast iron with the flair of a French country kitchen. Choose from an assortment of colors—cherry red, mint green, or several shades of blue. Enamel gives this round trivet a slight gloss while also acting as insurance against cracking and chipping. No worries if the trivet gets a little dirty; handwashing with warm water is suggested.

Evco International Marble Trivet

Circular marble trivet
This marble trivet is 8 inches in diameter and comes in one color.Amazon

A chic spin on the typical trivet, the Evco International marble rendition takes the sleek marble effect popular in kitchen counters and translates it into an apparatus well suited for hot pots and other cooking ware. Another round style trivet, it comes in only an off white color with light grey streaks. Because of the marble this trivet is made from, it repels moisture, odor and even grease. You can also use it to serve cheese and other light bites.

PratiPad Silicone Trivet

PratiPad silicone trivets in mint green
Pictured, PratiPad’s silicone trivets in mint green. These trivets are multipurpose and can be used for a number of things in the kitchen.Amazon

Want a more flexible option? Look no further than the PratiPad silicone trivet. This trivet is not only for cradling hot pots and pans once they're off the stove. Its multi-purpose capabilities means it can be used as a pot holder for grabbing hot pot or pan handles, to open jars or even as a spoon holder while cooking soup or stew. These come in a pack of two in colors of navy blue, red, mint green, or dark grey.

Joseph Joseph Expandable Trivet

Joseph Joseph's silicone trivet

Joseph Joseph's silicone trivet

This trivet expands to meet a variety of sizes of pots and pans.Amazon

Triveting is not one size fits all and nor are the things that may need to be placed on a trivet. Enter this Joseph Joseph silicone trivet, whose main perk is that it’s expandable.