The best kitchen tools are ones that you buy only once, then never have to buy again. Even better than that, our dream kitchen products are those that only get more lovable with age. (Think cast iron skillets, quality stockpots, or favorite knives.) The problem is, we so often get swept up in style trends that inevitably bleed into the kitchen space. Then these tools, usually brightly colored or cheaply made, inevitably go out of style.

As the kitchen design community seemingly catches on, the tide has turned—temporarily at least—toward neutral kitchen equipment and decor. But not all neutrals are created equal. There’s white, which is safe in theory, but inevitably colors and wears after use and over time. Or gold and silver, which come into kitchen fashion from time to time, and then end up looking painstakingly retro as soon as they fall out. (Many shiny gold kitchen tools, especially—which are usually only coated in the color—also chip, dull, or fade.) Wood is good, except that light wood and dark wood go in and out of style as fast as any color does.

Our theory of buying everything in our kitchen black led to some surprisingly beautiful finds in some surprisingly quality materials. It also means less visible staining (hi, oven mitts and aprons) and less worrying about matching what else is in the kitchen, since black matches everything. Here’s what’s on our list for goods we can potentially keep until our kitchens, well, go dark.

Black Marble Canisters

Closed storage canisters are one of our favorite ways to seal in ingredients for freshness, or store ingredients we buy in bulk, like flour and sugar. Marble has the added benefit of staying cool. CB2

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Cast Iron Spice Grinder

This handheld, manually operated grinder can store right next to your spice jar collection, and will never stain from even the most colorful of ground spices. Skeppshult

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Matte Black Cutting Boards

Basically a leave-no-trace color, boards like these with dark surfaces have more immunity against turning green from herb chopping or yellow from mincing ground turmeric. Plus, they look nice when left out on the counter. Epicurean

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Black Market Basket

All hail the canvas shopping bag, until you bring home dirty beets from the farmers’ market or have an olive oil leak. A coated black basket rarely soils and can be wiped clean. Olliella

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Artthome Flatware

Stainless steel black flatware will go with almost anything. Artthome

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Press Coffee and Tea Maker

No more discoloring at the bottom of the coffee pot. (Leave that to the diners.) This one is also rustproof, durable, and made of eay to clean stainless steel. soulhand

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Black Storage Bowls

Rosti Mepal makes these storage and serving bowls in a variety of colors, but black is an inarguably stylish choice for toting premade food to parties and potlucks, or just having leftovers you’ll look that much more forward to seeing in the fridge. You can also bring it straight to the table as a serving piece. Rosti Mepal

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Le Creuset Braiser

Serving most foods from a black pot makes the ingredients’ colors pop. We also love that you can leave this one out on your stovetop when it’s not in use, and it will never clash with your other kitchenware. Le Creuset

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Linen Apron

If you never thought an apron could be beautiful (or stay clean), turn to Saveur contributing food stylist Mariana Velasquez’s line of 100 percent cotton linen frocks at Buenlimón. The impenetrable styles reach almost to the knees. Mariana Velasquez

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Oven Mitts

Over time, the tips of oven mitts darken from scorching, shifting dirty pans, or time spent by the barbecue. Black helps mask stains (and these particular mitts are machine washable). AICOK

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