Butterscotch tart with cracked caramel
Crunchy cracked caramel balances a smooth butterscotch custard filling in this simple, satisfying tart. Get the recipe for Butterscotch Tart with Cracked Caramel » Matt Taylor-Gross
Butterscotch Sauce, ice cream toppings
Pastry chef Tracy Obolsky of Manhattan’s North End Grill gave us this recipe for super-simple homemade butterscotch sauce. Get the recipe for Butterscotch Sauce » Matt Taylor-Gross
Bourbon-Butterscotch Ice Cream
This grown up frozen treat pairs bourbon-laced custard with pockets of dense butterscotch. Get the recipe for Bourbon-Butterscotch Ice Cream » Photographyh by Laura Sant
Butterscotch Pudding
In 2007, chef Nancy Silverton put an Italian spin on this dessert, calling it a “budino” and topping it with caramel sauce and fleur de sel. Call it what you will, it is still, at its core, everything we’ve always loved about butterscotch pudding. Get the recipe for Butterscotch Pudding » Landon Nordeman