Christina Tosi on Summer Dessert, No-Bake, and Truck Stops

By Marian Bull

Published on March 18, 2019

What summer desserts deserve more love than we are currently giving them?
Sorbet! When I'm not stuffing my face with cookie dough, I am hovering over a bowl of Mango Sorbet. It's rich, creamy and full of flavor, my FAVORITE flavor. I love blending the sorbet with yogurt in the morning or with soda water or some booze after hours!

What does your ideal ice cream sandwich look like?
I love cookie sandwiches!

When I was in my teens and twenties trying to break out of the creative home cook boredom of just making cookies and brownies, I became obsessed with making sandwich cookies—creating cookies and fillings that sometimes went together brilliantly, and other times did not, yet the obsession remained.

For quite awhile in my first restaurant job in college, I’d make birthday cake flavored cookies, and sandwich them between birthday flavored frosting. They’d keep the kitchen and waitstaff going all night, and it became a fun thing to share and a fun thing everyone looked forward to.

One summer, I tried making sandwich cookies with every kind of ice cream shoved between two cookies imaginable. My favorite right now are salt and pepper cookies with pickled strawberry jam from the Milk Bar Life cookbook!

What's your favorite no-bake dessert?
In Milk Bar Life, I share the recipe for an easy no-bake treat called PB Cornflake No-Bakes. It reminds me of those Rice Krispies Treats commercials from the early '90s—where the mom is pretending to slave away in the kitchen, but really she's just relaxing and having a grand old time because all she is doing is mixing together marshmallows, some butter, and a box of cereal. This recipe is just like that, only with peanut butter and cornflakes!

On a hot day would you rather jump in a freezing cold ocean or drink a slushie?
Definitely the freezing cold ocean!

What is your favorite walk-in pun/joke of all time?
In our Milk Bar commissary kitchen we have a ton of walk-ins and they're all cleverly named – A Walk-In to Remember, Walk-in Phoenix, Christopher Walk-In, etc. But my favorite would be Walk-In Texas Ranger with a picture of Chuck Norris (of course!).

What's your favorite summer road trip of all time?
When left to my own devices, I retreat back to my college years of taking road trips and having "dinner" at truck stops: beef jerky, a soda, a bag of Lays cheddar and sour cream chips, and a Heath Bar.

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