Father's Day: Our Favorite Stories About Dad

In honor of the holiday, we collect our favorite dad articles

Many of us have been lucky enough to grow up with dads who love to cook, who have mastered crème brûlée or grilling or taught us to make perfect rice. Others have dads who just love to eat, who will dig into a shared plate happily and are always ready to share a meal. This Sunday, we'll honor all of them, maybe with pancakes or a special dinner or a thoughtful food-related gift. In the spirit of Father's day, we're sharing some of our most memorable stories about Dad—and we hope you'll share yours in the comments.

Farideh And Dad
Chasing the Perfect Persian Rice
Test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin on learning to cook her father's tahdigMatt Taylor-Gross
How My Rust Belt Dad Became the Master of Crème Brûlée
A father's ritualistic recipe testing yields the perfect French dessert
Looking For Guillermo: Tijuana
A New York writer discovers her late father in the Mexican border-town bars and restaurants that were his life
Stuffed Quail Gumbo
Almost Family
At a Louisiana restaurant, a father-son bond is celebrated and forged againChris Granger
Solitary Man
Josh Ozersky tells the story of his father, a struggling artist for whom food was solace, and chefs the ultimate museCourtesy Josh Ozersky
Home Fire: Pop's Asian American Grilling Sauce
Recalling the backyard exploits of a Chinese-American grill masterTodd Coleman
Solo Act
Remembering a father's solitary feats in the kitchenCourtesy of Keith Pandolfi