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Our Father’s Day Gift Guides for Dads Who Love to Eat and Drink

Whether dad’s more of a baker or a griller, here are the the food-loving gifts to get him this year

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on June 7, 2017

This Father's Day, show dad you care with gifts he can eat and drink—or use to make you something to eat. Does dad love coffee? Get him the latest in sleek, minimalist espresso machines that his coworkers will envy. Is he more of a DIY cocktails kind of guy? How about a gorgeous SAVEUR-approved book he can use to make his own amari. If dad spends a lot of time in the kitchen, he'll love chef-quality aprons that are both functional and stylish. Whether pops is more of a baker or a griller, we've got you covered with gifts that are fun, useful, and most importantly thoughtful for Father's Day.


Montelobos Mezcal

Montelobos Mezcal

The smoke-loving dad might have a collection of peaty Scotch already. Switch things up with one of our favorite mezcals to show dad the wonders of agave. At around $50, Montelobos is a more affordable option plays elegantly alone or in cocktails.

If dad loves bourbon or rye, perhaps he'll also enjoy a delicately fruity and mildly spicy Irish whiskey. This single-malt, triple-distilled number is aged in bourbon barrels for 12 years. At 80 proof, it's a full-flavored whiskey—Knappogue doesn't add any coloring—that can be served straight or used to mix.

Natural Rose
A Case of Rosé

Natural rosé wines

A bottle of rosé—or 12—is the best way we know to get through a hot summer day. We think dad will agree. And this natural wine producers are worth checking out for some excellent starting points.


Amaro by Brad Thomas Parsons

Amaro by Brad Thomas Parsons

This book breaks down the basics of amari, the family of bitter-sweet Italian liqueurs we can't get enough of. As much a history of the stuff as a guide to making your own DIY amaro, this is the book for dads who love drinking (and Italy).

Salt Fat Acid Heat World of Acid
Behind the artwork of the year's most anticipated cookbook

The Illustrated Art of Salt Fat Acid Heat

We all know are dads are a bit nerdy (hello, they call it a "dad joke" for a reason). Indulge dad's inner food nerd with this fully-illustrated book that distills cooking to an elemental science, and does it well.

Kitchen Gear

Does dad appreciate sleek minimalism as much as he does caffeine? This pro-grade appliance is much more compact than most, allowing it to fit into any kitchen or small space. Whether he likes his coffee strong or subtle, the programmable strength on this machine can cater to his morning needs.

Dansk Kobenstyle Dutch Oven

Dansk Kobenstyle Chili Red Dutch Oven

If dad's a cook with a penchant for mid-century design, go for this vintage Dansk Kobenstyle casserole dish. The line of enamel-on-steel cookware is a standout for its quality, distinctiveness, and ergonomics. Far lighter than cast iron or stainless steel but more sturdy than aluminum, with comfortable handles and nifty side features like lids that double as trivets, it'll be a godsend for dads who spend time in the kitchen.

An upgrade from the typical fabric or canvas apron, these leather-and-denim beauties provide sturdiness while giving the apron a more naturally worn look.

Order enough for your dad and his poker buddies. Bottle openers get a trendy twist with this card-shaped invention. It fits neatly into a wallet, so it’s perfect to take on the go.

Outdoorsy Food Supplies

For the newly adventurous dad, get a simple cooler with wheels and a handle to make transporting a breeze. The main selling point? It holds 84 cans.

Wellfleet Oysters
Midnight Oyster Poaching

Midnight Oyster Poaching

Whether a beginner or an expert, dad can shuck his way to greatness with this Cape Cod-sourced knife set. From oysters to clams, no bivalve will be safe.

Binchotan Charcoal Grills
Portable Binchotan Grill

Portable BBQ grill

No need to worry about cleaning this grill; it's dishwasher safe. It also comes with charcoal and skewers, so it's all set to be used right when it arrives. Weighing in at a hefty 2.1 pounds, this ultra-portable grill is perfect to take on the go, and we think it'll change the way dad grills. Really.

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