This simple yet elegant french toast, which comes from Brennan's in New Orleans, has a rich crème brûlée base. All it needs is a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top (or, serve it with another New Orleans classic, Bananas Foster, for the ultimate treat). Get the recipe for French Toast ». Matt Taylor-Gross

French toast, pain perdu, whatever you want to call it—soaking stale bread with custard and frying it in butter is always a good idea. Slade Rushing, the chef at Brennan’s in New Orleans, shows us how he does it at the restaurant that’s been feeding the Crescent City for almost 70 years.

Forget those rustic, artisan boules; Rushing is all about basic, spongy white o’boy loaves or enriched white bread, which soaks up a mix of egg, sugar, dairy, and vanilla better than anything else for a moist, custardy center. Then comes a little more dairy—a pan-fry in butter, which Rushing insists on so the butter’s milk solids can help the toast brown.

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