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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Traveler

We travel a lot here at SAVEUR, and along the way we've discovered a few products that make life on the road so much better. We polled our editors and contributors for some of their favorite, can't-live-without-em travel accessories; they make perfect gifts for the adventurer in your life, whether they travel near or far, for business or for pleasure.

"Ona is one of my favorite camera bag companies, and the bag I have is perfect to carry around during small, on-the-go food shoots. It makes a great as a gift for any photographer." --Michelle Heimerman, photo editor Messenger Camera Bags, starting at $269 from ONA
"When I'm traveling, I want to be sure that I'm getting up and out on time. This alarm clock, modeled after the clocks in Japanese train stations, has a clean, modern face that is easy to read and looks great both on the road and at home." --Oliver Erteman, digital editorial assistant Alarm Clock (Japanese Station), $48.75 from Muji
"I'm the sort of coffee drinker who needs a cup in the morning before having to interact with people, so I usually resort to sad hotel-room coffee when traveling. This travel kit from Blue Bottle has everything I need to make really great coffee, wherever I am." --Laura Sant, assistant digital editor Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Travel Kit, $179 from Blue Bottle
"I like to travel light, and when I hit the town on assignment, I like to travel even lighter with just the essentials: cell phone and credit card (leave your room key with reception to lighten your load), making Mujjo's stylish leather iPhone case with a built in credit card slot one of my favorite travel accessories." --Felicia Campbell Leather iPhone Case, starting at $46 from Mujjo
"I often bring home bottles of local wine and beer when I travel, but there is nothing sadder than picking up your luggage at baggage claim only to see it come around the bend leaking from a poorly-packed broken bottle. This wine carrier from VIGO keeps everything safe and snug in transit." --Laura Sant, assistant digital editor Wine Carrier, $79 from VIGO
"I'm a music lover and whether I'm at home, at work, or on vacation, I need to have tunes going. This tiny bluetooth speaker is perfect for traveling. It fits in the palm of my hand and plays crystal-clear audio from my phone or laptop." —Michellina Jones, digital producer Triple C BluBoom Portable Speak, $63.50 from Madewell
"I saw this folding picnic knife all over in the Pyrenees and Basque region of Spain, and it caught my eye since it travels well and works great as a prop for impromptu photo shoots. The carbon steel blade develops a beautiful patina over time, and it's easy to keep it super-sharp." --Andrew Ingalls, contributing photographer Pallares Solona Navaja Folding Knife, $82 from Quitokeeto
"I love this convertible basket (the handle folds down to turn it into a tray), which is perfect for picnics. Two food containers come with cooling pad liners and lids that do double-duty as cutting boards, and it comes with a sturdy felt 'bread basket' for breads, crackers, and whatever else you might want to pack for lunch!" --Karen Shimizu Multi Basket, $150 from Poketo
"I love eating outdoors, whether it's a simple picnic or a weekend camping trip. But schlepping a bulky, boxy cooler can really take the charm out of it. This soft-sided cooler from Filson is stylish, lightweight, and keeps everything just as cold as its clunkier brethren." --Oliver Erteman, digital editorial assistant Soft-Sided Cooler, $275 from Filson

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