2015 Blog Awards: Best Culinary Travel Coverage

The 6 finalists for best culinary travel coverage in our 2015 SAVEUR Blog Awards

Each year that we host the SAVEUR Blog Awards, we're astounded at the depth, variety, creativity, and ingenuity of the blogs nominated, and this year was no exception. We're thrilled to share a bit about the finalists in each of our 13 categories, which cover everything from baked goods to home design to cocktails. Meet our six finalists for Best Beer Blog, as they share the stories behind their blogs. Or, view all the finalists in the 2015 SAVEUR Blog Awards.

Funnelogy Channel

Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit About the Blog
The Funnelogy Channel travels the world in search of stories to seduce your appetite, feed the mind, and nourish the soul. By going into peoples’ kitchens, developing our own recipes, and looking into the art of everyday food, our culinary journey aims to dive into the heart of local culture. We hope that sharing stories from the road will trigger others to find their own adventures. About Gabriella and Nicolas
We are the food and travel storytellers behind The Funnelogy Channel. Bringing together Italian, Chinese, French, and Belgian origins, we lived on four different continents and traveled extensively before deciding to embark on a one-year-long, over-land journey to eat our way across the Eurasian continent. After covering over 20,000km and 25 countries this past year, we plan to shift into slow travel, basing ourselves in the food-obsessed city of Hong Kong for a while.

La Tavola Marche
La Tavola Marche

Jason and Ashley Bartner About the Blog
Tutti a tavola!(All to the table!) Our blog is all about local seasonal Italian recipes, organic gardening, food festivals and markets, day trips in Le Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, and beyond. About Jason and Ashley
We are American expats living the dream in the Marche countryside, where we own an agriturismo (organic farm, inn) and cooking school. From the hustle-bustle of life in New York City to organic farmers and inn keepers, our life took a complete 360! Follow our adventures, celebrating life at every meal—from the farm to the table. What better way to know a culture than through its food?

Will Travel for Food
Will Travel for Food

Mayssam Samaha About the Blog
Will Travel for Food is a food and travel blog based in Montreal. I believe that travel enlightens us and makes us better people—it is the only thing that we buy that makes us richer in so many ways. I also believe that the best way to get to know a culture is through food, which is why my passport and my fork are always handy, and I will travel far and wide for one single meal, as well as for a country’s culinary heritage. About Mayssam
I’m the Montreal-­based food and travel writer behind Will Travel for Food. I was born and raised in Lebanon, I lived in New York City, and now I’ve finally settled on Montreal as my home. I travel the world in search of the next culinary discovery, from Michelin-starred restaurants across the planet to the latest hole­-in-­the-­wall down the street. I’ve had articles published in the Globe & Mail, Readers Digest, and Gastronomie Magazine.

Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome
Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Elizabeth Minchilli About the Blog
I first started my blog as a way to share all things delicious about my city. Food has always loomed large in my life, and having the opportunity to write about it and share Italy’s culture every day has been a joy. While the blog is personal, and maybe a bit quirky, each post always includes a takeaway for my readers, whether it’s a recipe, a restaurant or hotel recommendation, or inspiration for the perfect ingredient. While words are my main mode of communication, I love the power of photography and have recently been exploring video as well. About Elizabeth
I’m Elizabeth, and I’ve been eating my way through Rome since I was 12 years old. After living here as a child with my parents, I moved back in 1988, and have been exploring Italy’s culture and mouthwatering cuisine ever since. I’m the author of seven books; my most recent is Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City. I’ve also written for over 40 magazines and newspapers. Now, I write about all things delicious, paying homage to the city and country that feeds me, on her blog and in my app, Eat Italy.

Parla Food
Parla Food

Katie Parla About the Blog
Parla Food’s mission is to highlight great food and drink and to praise the people dedicated to feeding us well. The blog also aims to get readers talking about what they are eating and drinking, particularly in Italy, and to discuss how this diverges from romantic stereotypes. I focus mainly on Rome, but I blog frequently about food and beverage in other parts of Italy, as well as Turkey, the UK, and the US. About Katie
I grew up in New Jersey but have lived in Rome for 12 years. I launched my blog in 2008 while studying Italian gastronomic culture at the University of Rome, and these days I’m using my knowledge to consider contemporary Roman food and ­drink culture, and to document it for various publications, which will soon include a cookbook. My ebook Eating & Drinking in Rome is available for Kindle, and my mobile apps Katie Parla’s Rome and Katie Parla’s Istanbul are available in the App Store.

Eat and Dust
Eat and Dust

Pamela Timms About the Blog
Focusing on street food, Eat and Dust details my exploration of Old Delhi. While the blog contains recipes and stories that I learn from the hawkers and locals, it also includes my own take on Anglo-American recipes that I reinvent using local ingredients. About Pamela
Originally from Scotland, I moved to Delhi with my husband and kids in 2005. Eat and Dust is where I share the stories I’ve learned here, with a focus on traditions and recipes, the people behind them, and Old Delhi. I’m also the author of Korma, Kheer and Kismet, my memoir about my experience navigating Old Delhi’s rich food culture.

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