Girl & the Goat, Architect of Flavor

Girl & the Goat's Dining Room

“The space, for starters, is impressive–huge, really, with soaring ceilings and a scattering of polished wood tables that make the place feel more like a party venue than a restaurant. You step inside and get sucked right into a convivial vibe.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Stephanie Izard

“Even more impressive than the fact that Izard is able to balance all the flavors and textures on her plates is that she’s dreamed them up at all.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Ham Frites

“The ham frites, crisp and salty, with a meaty sprinkle of Izard’s dehydrated powdered ham over the top, are dipped into two sauces–a smoky tomato aioli and an insanely delicious cheddar–beer sauce.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Pemaquid Fried Oysters with Egg Salad and Fried Capers

“Each fried oyster is served with a dollop of egg salad and a salty, crisp-fried caper on top.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Smoked Goat Pizza

“Izard’s pizza is slathered with a spicy masala sauce, comes with caramelized cipolline onions and tender pieces of smoked goat. It’s crisp in all the right places and piping hot with gooey cheddar, Gouda, and tomme–style cheeses.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face

“The scrapple-like patties made from seasoned head meat, served with a fried egg, crunchy potato sticks, and bright sauces like tamarind vinaigrette and cilantro oil, has emerged as a signature dish.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

Girl & the Goat's Mascot

Izard is a breed of Pyrenees goat that Izard herself had never cooked with before opening the restaurant. She started reading up on the meat and became fascinated with the myriad ways that cooks in other cultures used it. Now she buys it from a local farm and goes through seven whole goats each week.” Back to An Architect of Flavor »

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