Arthur Avenue

Peter's Meat Market, in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market.
Peter Servedio, owner of Peter's Meat Market, chats with customers.
Mike's Deli, in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. From left, David Greco and Umberto Milucci.
David Greco, owner of Mike's Deli, gives a customer a taste of prosciutto di Parma.
David Greco slices prosciutto di Parma to make a Michelangelo sandwich with homemade mozzarella.
Longtime friends meet to play cards.
The nearly 100-year-old Egidio Pastry Shop, near Arthur Avenue.
Treats at Egidio, from left: chocolate mousse cream puffs, mini custard eclairs, and white chocolate confections.
Cappuccinos at Egidio Pastry Shop.
Dried fruit at Teitel Brothers, a grocery store known for its high-quality Italian products.
From left, Erol Sadikovski and Michael Teitel at Teitel Brothers.
Waiters at Trattoria Zero Otto Nove take a break before the dinner hour.
Brick oven pizzas at Trattoria Zero Otto Nove.
Addeo Bakery, near Arthur Avenue.
Freshly made bread at Addeo Bakery.
An evening stroll along Arthur Avenue.

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