Bean Main Dishes

Hearty, comforting, and filling, beans make perfect winter stews, soups, and wholesome main dishes. Made with cannelloni, pinto, or kidney beans, chickpeas, and black-eyed peas, these 16 recipes from around the world feature our favorite pantry staple for cold weather cooking.

Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves

In this earthy legume stew, chickpea flour is used to thicken and add a nutty undertone. See the recipe for Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves »

Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers

Slow-cooked overnight, this Middle Eastern favorite uses tomatoes and sweet peppers to get the perfect combination of sweet and savory. See the recipe for Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers »

Fasgioli Incu Funghi (White Bean with Dried Mushrooms)

This simple Corsican bean stew is typical of the island’s flavorful, unpretentious fare. See the recipe for Fasgioli Incu Funghi »

Vegetarian Chili

A blend of fresh and dried chiles lends fiery heat to kidney and pinto bean chili. See the recipe for Vegetarian Chili »

Refried Beans with Chorizo

Mexican refried beans made with fresh chorizo is a satisfying, comforting main for breakfast or dinner. See the recipe for Refried Beans with Chorizo »

New England-Style Baked Beans
New England-Style Baked Beans

Flavored with molasses, maple syrup, and rum, the classic New England bean dish is simple to prepare; all it takes is time. Serve it with hearty brown bread to mop up its flavorful sauce.

Cozz'e Fasule (Mixed Pasta with Cannellini Beans and Mussels)

A delicious marriage of creamy beans and mussels, this fragrant dish is made from a melange of mixed, leftover pasta, called pasta mista. See the recipe for Cozz’e Fasule »

Rajma (North Indian Kidney Bean Masala Stew)

This classic Punjabi dish is best served with flatbread or rice. See the recipe for Rajma »

Randy Evans's Southern Peas

For this recipe, given to us by Randy Evans, the executive chef at Brennan’s of Houston, Southern peas are simmered with a ham hock, carrot, celery, and chopped onions to add a sweet and smoky back note. See the recipe for Randy Evans’s Southern Peas »

Red Beans and Rice

Ham hocks cooked along with the beans give the classic Creole bean dish a savory, smoky depth. See the recipe for Red Beans and Rice »

Saladu Ñebbe
Saladu Ñebbe

Chile-spiked black-eyed peas dressed with fresh lime juice make a bright side dish.

Stewed Kidney Beans (Mchuzi Wa Mbaazi)
Stewed Kidney Beans (Mchuzi Wa Mbaazi)

Coconut milk gives these long-simmered beans a smooth, supple texture that balances the bright flavors of garlic, onion, and chiles.

Frijolles de Olla (Stewed "Pot" Beans)
Frijolles de Olla (Stewed "Pot" Beans)

These stewed pinto beans can be eaten with tortillas for a light meal, or as a side dish for many roasted or grilled meats.

Tuscan Bean Soup

We use olive oil three ways in this version of the venerable Italian soup: for sauteing garlic, rubbing on the toasts that accompany the dish, and finishing the soup. See the recipe for Tuscan Bean Soup »

White Bean and Tuna Salad
White Bean and Tuna Salad

Rich, meaty cannellini beans, which are grown throughout central Italy, are tossed with canned tuna for a satisfying main course salad. Get the recipe for White Bean and Tuna Salad »

Zalata Amba

Zesty Iraqi pickled mango, or amba, enlivens a chickpea salad. See the recipe for Zalata Amba »

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