With such eclectic dishes as Moroccan chicken with carrot puree, noodles with fried scallions, and Creole-style fried fish, SAVEUR magazine brings you the ethnic diversity of Los Angeles.

Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleons

These elegant appetizers come from Spago. See the recipe for Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleons »

Creole-Style Fried Fish

This recipe was given to us by Lonnee Hamilton, who recommends spooning some bacon grease into the frying oil to give the fish a smokier flavor.
** Eggplant Spread** Los Angeles home cook Ruth Honegger recommends eating this spicy spread with pita, lavash, or naan. See this Recipe James Oseland

Crispy Duck with Udon Noodles

Browning the duck, braising it, and then re-frying the pieces makes for super crispy skin and tender meat, perfectly complemented by a flavorful chile, ginger, and sugar-spiked sauce. Get the recipe for Crispy Duck with Udon Noodles »

Keppler’s Special

This breakfast dish is popular at the Sugar Shack, in Huntington beach.

Lemon and Rosemary Chicken (Pollo Arrosto)

Garlic, lemon, and rosemary enhance simple, juicy roast chicken.
Noodles with Fried Scallions Crunchy, flash-fried scallions top this Taiwanese dish, an excellent version of which is served at Liang’s Kitchen in San Gabriel, California. See this Recipe Andre Baranowski
Moroccan Chicken with Carrot Puree A mix of spicy, sweet, and bitter flavors gives this dish its distinctive character. The recipe comes from chef Suzanne Goin. See this Recipe Penny De Los Santos

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros
Masa Cakes with Spicy Slaw These stuffed corn-masa cakes are the national dish of El Salvador. See this Recipe Penny De Los Santos

Persian Zucchini Frittata (Kuku Kadoo)

Persian Zucchini Frittata (Kuku Kadoo)