We’re giving punch its due this Holiday season. No cloyingly sweet concoctions here; these punches are elegant, refined, and subtle in flavor. They are also a perfect way to play host without making cocktails all night long.


Red Nose Punch

Red Nose Punch

Chilled Cider Punch

This chilled cider punch combines the fall flavors of a mulled cider with the celebratory feel of a sparkling punch. Get the recipe for Chilled Cider Punch »

Not Your Nana’s Nog

This boozy re-creation of a classic eggnog requires a bit more preparation than the store-bought variety, but is certainly worth the extra effort. Using more egg whites than yolk gives a creamy mouthfeel without being too thick or heavy.
This flavorful punch balances the bite of sherry and corn whiskey with nutty homemade walnut orgeat syrup and fresh citrus juice.

Regent’s Punch

This tea-infused champagne punch makes an elegant centerpiece for any festive occasion. Get the recipe for Regent’s Punch »

Sweet Gin Symphony

This lively gin-based punch captures complex seasonal flavors with layers of citrus, mint, and anise thanks to an absinthe rinse sprayed in each glass. For an added festive touch, garnish with star anise fruit.

Desert Snow Tequila Punch

Adding tequila and lime zest to a rich homemade horchata is an impressive egg and dairy free alternative to eggnog. For extra citrus flavor, twist a strip of lime peel above each glass and rub it around the rim before adding it to the drink.