Kitchen Tour: Inside Mary Sue Milliken’s Kitchen

A chef and her architect husband create their perfect kitchen.

Mary Sue Milliken’s husband, Josh Schweitzer, is seen here harvesting escarole and lettuce from their garden. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
By freezing summer stone fruits, this sweet and tart and pie is available all year long. Milliken describes it as a blast of summer in the dead of winter. See the Stone Fruit Pie recipe » Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
Their smaller adjacent kitchen has plenty of room for storage with large cabinets, expansive shelves, and a deep sink. This is also where Milliken houses her laptop so she can easily and quickly look up recipes. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
Before dinner, guests crowd around the broad, black walnut chopping block that covers their kitchen island. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
Mary Sue Milliken and her friends, Food Network host Bob Blumer (left) and Rick Stoff (right), a director at the nonprofit Chrysalis, sit down in her dining room for a meal of spot prawns, grilled sausages with roasted-pepper compote, cardoon and potato gratin, shelling beans with bacon and squid, and roasted tomatoes and garlic. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
This outdoor oasis provides a quiet sanctuary to rest and relax. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
Their sleepy puppy rests while Josh Schweitzer prepares something in the adjacent kitchen. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
From the outside looking in; Milliken and Schweitzer enjoy dinner with friends. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
With lush landscaping, their West Los Angeles dream home comes to life. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
The chef and the architect examine a bunch of freshly grown bananas that grew in their backyard garden. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
These succulent spot prawns are prepared on an outdoor grill and finished with a lime and basil vinaigrette. See the Spot Prawns with Finger Lime and Basil recipe » Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein
Mary Sue Milliken holds one of her chickens from her backyard coop. Back to It Takes Two »_ Anne Fishbein