Mexican Appetizers

From a zesty seafood cocktail to thick tortillas bathed in two types of salsa and garnished with shredded chicken, and more, these eight recipes for small bites and first courses are gathered from across Mexico.

Casa Dragones Guacamole

This guacamole features chiles, onions, and tomatoes. Get the recipe »

Seafood Cocktail (Coctel de Mariscos)

This zesty mix of fresh seafood, tomato and lime juices, and hot sauce is a refreshing snack or light meal eaten along Mexico’s coasts. Get the recipe »

Tostadas de Camaron Seco (Shrimp Tostadas)

A mix of dried shrimp, eggs, and tangy achiote makes an intensely savory topping for fried tortillas in this simple dish, eaten as an appetizer or snack in coastal Oaxaca. Get the recipe for Tostadas de Camaron Seco »

Chalupas Poblanas (Thick Tortillas Fried with Salsa)

These thick tortillas, bathed in two types of salsa and garnished with shredded chicken, are a popular street snack in Mexico. See the recipe for Chalupas Poblanas »

Pan-Fried Crabs in Chipotle Sauce (Jaibas Enchipotladas)

Pan-Fried Crabs in Chipotle Sauce (Jaibas Enchipotladas)

Squash Blossom Soup (Caldo Xochitl con Flor de Calabaza)

Mexico’s soups are famous for their freshness and simplicity. This one marries delicate squash blossoms with chiles, queso fresco, and shredded chicken in an enriched chicken broth.

Ancho Chile Soup with Avocado, Crema, and Chile Pasilla (Sopa de Chile Ancho)

The heat of this deep-red ancho chile soup and its pasilla chile garnish is balanced by the addition of cooling crema and thinly sliced avocado. Get the recipe »

Ricotta Scramble with Tomatoes (Requeson Revuelto)

This scramble of fresh ricotta, flavored with chiles, onions, and tomatoes, is delicious wrapped in warm tortillas or piled on toasted bread. Get the recipe »