Recipes for Roasted Vegetables

A gallery of roasted vegetable recipes to suit any palate.

Roasted Radishes
These tender radishes are a fine accompaniment for grilled steak or roast chicken. See the recipe for Roasted Radishes »
Roasted Beets
Pull off stalks and slip off skins after cooking these, if you like. See the recipe for Roasted Beets »
Roasted Autumn Vegetables
Winter vegetables such as parsnips, turnips, beets and squash greatly benefit from slow roasting, which concentrates their earthy sweetness. See the recipe for Roasted Autumn Vegetables »
Roasted Squash with Sage Bread Crumbs
Sage, a member of the mint family, livens up any dish. But remember, too much sage will make food taste bitter or medicinal. See the recipe for Roasted Squash with Sage Bread Crumbs »
Roasted Potatoes
Seniard Creek cook Clarence Bratton's method for roasted potatoes, which calls for cooking them at a high temperature, turns them golden brown on the outside and creamy within. See the recipe for Roasted Potatoes »
Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce
Roasting cauliflower in a very hot oven gives it an appealing crisp-tender texture and toasty flavor that pairs perfectly with the tart tahini dipping sauce in this dish. See the recipe for Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce »
Honey-Roasted Belgian Endives and Parsnips
This recipe is borrowed from: Sally Clarke's Book: A Restaurant, Shop and Bakery (Mc Millian). See the recipe for Honey-Roasted Endives and Parsnips »
Mechwiya (Roasted Pepper Salad)
Mechwiya, a tart pepper relish from north Africa, is a great topping for lamb kebabs and other sandwiches. See the recipe for Mechwiya (Roasted Pepper Salad) »Michael Kraus
Mexican Style Roasted Corn
The key to making this Mexican street-food and market-vendor snack is to char the corn on the grill and then brush it with mayonnaise so that the cheese, cilantro, and chile powder adhere to the kernels. See the recipe for Mexican Style Roasted Corn »
Bubble and Squeak
This hearty fried vegetable hash, a perfect use for leftovers, includes roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, and parsnips. See the recipe for Bubble and Squeak »
Creamed Roasted Onions
The smoky flavor of this side dish from Oaxaca-based cook Susana Trilling comes from charring the onions before adding them to a spice-infused cream sauce. See the recipe for Creamed Roasted Onions »