Scenes from Naples

From charismatic produce vendors and bakers to teeming crowds of pizza lovers who wait patiently for their favorite pies, Naples is a city with food on its mind. While in town producing the story The Gold of Naples, we experienced gastronomic moments from the tranquil to the raucous, all of them sublime.

In this predominantly Catholic city, it's not uncommon to find religious imagery even in restaurants and kitchens. Here, Jesus keeps a watchful eye over a scale in the Mercato di Antignano.
You can tell a good pizzeria in Naples by the crowds of late-night revelers that gather outside to get their pies. Scenes like this one are common outside Pizzeria Starita, where you might find up to 100 patrons, young and old, happily waiting an hour or more for specialties like their famous fried Pizza Montanara (see the recipe »).
On a Sunday morning, a baker waits in front of his shop in the Mercato di Antignano for the rush of patrons he expects to arrive after church, buying bread and pastries to serve at their Sunday lunches.
With its rich volcanic soil, Campagna boasts some of the most luscious produce in the world. Here, a vendor of Sorrento lemons shows great enthusiasm as he peddles his wares through the streets of Naples.
Pizza is a family experience in Naples. Here, two sisters share a pie at Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, a sprawling, two-story pizzeria on Via Tribunale, where most of Naples' most famous pizzerias are located.

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