When it’s hot and steamy outside, sometimes the best refresher is, paradoxically, a drink with heat to match. These ten spicy cocktails combine fiery flavor with cooling fresh fruit and herbs.


Michelada con Camarones

A spicy beer cocktail with shrimp is appetizer and refreshing drink all in one–perfect for a hot summer night. See the recipe for Michelada con Camarones »

The Borderline Escape

Fresh cantaloupe, tequila, and smoky cayenne pepper come together in this cocktail inspired by the chile-dusted fruit street snacks of Mexico City. See the recipe for The Borderline Escape »

Mezcalita de Piña

Mezcal, grilled pineapple, jalapeño, and lime lend a festive kick to the classic margarita.

Oaxaca Cooler

Muddled cucumber, lemon, and a pinch of salt are a refreshing match for Zignum, an Oaxacan mezcal. See the recipe for Oaxaca Cooler »

Spicy Shiso Smash

Thai red chiles reach a hot-cool balance with slices of cucumber, shiso leaves, and lime juice in this white rum cocktail. See the recipe for Spicy Shiso Smash »

Cranberry Crush

Here the tartness of pure cranberry juice combines well with the earthy heat of ginger beer and not-too-sweet spiced rum.

Devil’s Garden

Chipotle-infused mezcal lends a subtle kick and Cynar a hint of mystery to this refreshing tequila drink flavored with mint and lime.

Kentucky vs. Morocco Cocktail

A Kentucky tin-cup mint julep meets Moroccan bazaar with dried-fruit-infused bourbon and simple syrup flavored with Maghreb spices. See the recipe for Kentucky vs. Morocco Cocktail »

Piri Pressure Cocktail

Tequila, lime, hot sauce, and frozen pineapple are a natural combination. This cocktail uses piri piri chili sauce popular in southern Africa. See the recipe for Piri Pressure Cocktail »