Taipei's Street Food Banquet

Hot pot at the night market.Christie Johnston
Ears of steamed corn can be found all over the city.Christie Johnston
Grilled corn in night market.Christie Johnston
Skewered fish balls, sliced meat, squid rings and vegetables, all ready to be grilled or cooked in boiling broth.Christie Johnston
Shilin is the biggest and most famous one of the Taipei's 25 night markets.Christie Johnston
Medicinal soup made from ingredients like ginseng and wolfberries.Christie Johnston
Braised pig parts; nose, tail and everything in between.Christie Johnston
Well-brined cubes of bean curd are cooked in a hot pot with intestines in a dish known as "stinky stinky pot".Christie Johnston
Cubes of bean curd that are fried until pungent and then served on skewers.Christie Johnston
Typical night market is one at Raohe Street with a single, densely packed lane in the Song Shan district with an ornate Buddhist temple at one end.Christie Johnston
Raohe Street night market.Christie Johnston
In Taipei, food is everywhere. These pork buns boiled in a stall at fabric market.Christie Johnston
Cuttlefish soup in night market.Christie Johnston
Lu Rou Fan, a stewed pork dish served over rice.Christie Johnston
If you're out late enough at a night market, you might as well stick around for breakfast; a good choice is Yonghe Soy Milk King, which serves a comforting meal of hot soy milk and you tiao, a kind of airy fried cruller, no matter the hour.Christie Johnston