Tourneing Vegetables

1. Begin with a well-scrubbed, medium-size carrot and a sharp paring knife.André Baranowski
2. Cut the carrot into 2" pieces.André Baranowski
3. Working with 1 piece at a time, hold the carrot firmly between your thumb and forefinger. Grip the knife and steady your thumb on the other end of the carrot.André Baranowski
4. Trim carrot on one end, turning it as you go, to form a tapered tip.André Baranowski
5. Pare down the sides of the carrot with a knife to smooth out the edges.André Baranowski
6. Continue cutting until the carrot resembles a football in shape on one end.André Baranowski
7. Flip the carrot over and trim the other end until both ends are shaped the same.André Baranowski
8. Repeat.André Baranowski