Tired of the same old vanilla? SAVEUR magazine puts in the pizazz with candied bacon, avocado, black pepper and more.

Inspired by Michael Ruhlman, David Lebovitz creates a smoky, savory, toothsome recipe for an unexpected yet delicious bacon-flavored ice cream. David Lebovitz
Smooth and rich yet not overwhelming, this peanut butter lover’s ice cream from the Kitchy Kitchen is impossible to resist. The Kitchy Kitchen
This enticing ice cream from the Pie Lady blends coconut and pearl jasmine to create a frozen treat with an Asian flavor. The Pie Lady
Salty and sweet, this caramel corn-flavored frozen treat by Almost Bourdain will keep you cool and intrigued in the heat of summer. Almost Bourdain
Avocado and Jackfruit Ice Cream Bake in Paris creates a creamy, high-protein, surprisingly sweet dessert that combines jackfruit, avocado, and coconut milk. See this Recipe Bake in Paris
Ginger Green Tea Ice Cream Christine Cooks, an avowed tea snob, happened upon an adventure that led her to create this easy, fresh-tasting, comfort-producing ice cream. See this Recipe Christine Cooks
Carrot-Orange Ice Cream with Caramelized Ginger and Maple Syrup Looking for something fun to do with carrots? This lively ice cream from Gonzo Gastronomy combines them with zesty orange, spicy ginger, and the subtle sweetness of maple sugar. See this Recipe Gonzo Gastronomy
Pistachio Gelato Packed with loads of pistachios, this crunchy gelato from My Man’s Belly will definitely satisfy a craving for salty and sweet. See this Recipe My Mans Belly
Rhubarb Gelato Light yet packed with flavor, this easy and refreshing frozen treat is dished up by Food and Style. See this Recipe Food & Style
Roasted Lemon Sorbet Roasting the lemons concentrates the flavor of this tangy and fun lemon sorbet from Cafe Lynn Lu. See this Recipe Cafe Lynnylu
Evergreen (Mastic) Ice Cream Mastic resin, from an evergreen tree that grows in the Greek islands, gives this special ice cream from Closet Cooking its piney aroma and fresh taste. See this Recipe Closet Cooking
Black Pepper and Vanilla Ice Cream Infused with the flavors of coarsely cracked peppercorns and whole vanilla beans, this elevated take on plain vanilla ice cream is a cool treat with a hot kick. See this Recipe Sassy Radish
Chocolate-Banana-Peanut Butter Chunk Soy Ice Cream Packed with flavor and texture, this is a dairy-free frozen treat from Savory Sweet Life that your whole family will enjoy. See this Recipe Savory Sweet Life
Baci Ice Cream Gourmet Worrier has created a delectable chocolate-hazelnut nougat ice cream that’s as easy to make as it is to eat. See this Recipe Gourmet Worrier