Millar’s Sunset

($14.95 per pound)
is a smooth, medium coffee, with a touch of acidity and hints of blond caramel, infused with smoke from a mix of woods harvested from fallen trees on the roaster’s property. Buy Millar’s Sunset Coffee » Back to Where There’s Smoke »

Mr. Espresso’s Organic Bolivia

($9.40 for 12 oz.)
beans, roasted medium-well over an all-oak fire, are sumptuously dark and glossy, with hints of cocoa, toasted almonds, and toasted coconut. Buy Mr. Espresso Coffee » Back to Where There’s Smoke »

Matt’s Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Natural

($11.75 for 12 oz.)
These beans remain in the fruit while they dry, and then are roasted over sap and fruitwoods from the surrounding Maine forest, resulting in warm, round flavors: hazelnut, chocolate, and toasted baguette. Buy Matt’s Wood Roasted Organic Coffee » Back to Where There’s Smoke »

Summermoon’s Inferno

($12 per pound)
a Central American blend, gets an intense French roast in a mesquite-burning brick oven. Licorice-dark, the beans evoke campfire smoke, blistered pizza crust, and unsweetened chocolate. Buy Summermoon Wood Fired Coffee » Back to Where There’s Smoke »