The Road to Abruzzo: Recipes from the Italian Countryside

Just an hour and a half northeast of Rome, in the lightly touristed, barely touched region of Abruzzo, modern-day shepherds follow ancient roads, winemakers prefer unheralded grapes, and feasting is at the center of everyday life. These recipes were featured in Adam Leith Gollner's story The Road to Abruzzo.

Abruzzo, Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Lamb and Sweet Pepper Ragu
Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Lamb and Sweet Pepper Ragù
Lighter than the rich beef and pork ragùs of other Italian regions, this Abruzzo specialty features bell peppers mixed into the sauce and cooked briefly so they retain their shape and lend a pop of sweetness. It is typically served over spaghetti alla chitarra (pasta from Abruzzo that is shaped on a tool that resembles a guitar), though it makes a delicious sauce for almost any type of long noodle.Romulo Yanes
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Broth with Crêpes (Crespelle en Brodo)
Parmesan-laced crêpes soak in a pool of deeply-rich bone broth in this recipe from Abruzzo wine-maker Emidio Pepe's wife, Rosa.Romulo Yanes
Porchetta-Style Chicken
Porchetta-Style Chicken
Marinated chicken breasts are spread with garlic paste, herbs, and pancetta before being rolled and grilled in this porchetta adaptation inspired by Taverna 58, a restaurant in the seaside town of Pescara, Italy.Romulo Yanes
Fried Stuffed Castelvetrano Olives
Fried Stuffed Castelvetrano Olives
Making for a substantial snack, Rosa Pepe stuffs olives with a simple beef and pork filling; then dredges them in breadcrumbs before crisping them up in the deep-fryer.Romulo Yanes
Abruzzo-Style Grape Focaccia
Abruzzo-Style Grape Focaccia
When this fluffy, oil-slathered dough bakes, the red and green grapes dotting it burst, releasing their sweet juices into the bread.Romulo Yanes
Abruzzo, Recipe, Veal & Spinach Lasagna
Veal and Spinach Lasagna
Unlike the heavy red-sauced lasagnas served in America, this Abruzzo-style version relies on an ethereal egg and tomato sauce that puffs when the lasagna is cooked, giving it a soufflé-like appearance.Romulo Yanes