As they say, a good piece of writing is sweeter than fifty fun-sized candy bars. So, all week long, we’ve been sharing stories of romantic meals, Valentine’s meals, and run-ins with Mariachi bands. Read them all, regardless of your feelings on this red-and-pink-stained holiday.

John Birdsall recalls his first Valentine’s day with his now-husband, when he learned that Valentine’s Day should not ascribe to other people’s expectations or traditions. Read the story » Katie McBride
Love ingredients
Marian Bull spoke to Victor Hazan about cooking with—and for—his late wife, Italian cooking legend Marcella. Read the story » Katie McBride
Cara Nicoletti wrote about her first Valentine’s Day in New York, a creamy bowl of gnocchi, and a very generous chef. Read the story » Katie McBride

Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing

This decadent chocolate cake is taken over the top with a rich fudge icing.