We Convinced Marcus Samuelsson to Cook Us Dinner

​Anyone who has ever seen chef Marcus Samuelsson knows that the man has a thing for accessorizing and an eye for detail. This also applies to the parties he throws: when Marcus and his team joined us in the Test Kitchen to test some recipes for his forthcoming Streetbird Rotisserie, they brought their own decor. Records (Jane Fonda, Outkast) lined the edges of the room; the tables were set with bright yellow flowers and rolls of paper towels; and tiny Polaroids from the recent Streetbird popup were scattered about, as if this party were a continuation of the last. There was even a Spotfiy playlist.

The Streetbird team prepared chicken every which way: winged, fried, roasted, and Searzall-ed. There were noodles laced with tamarind and oyster and plates of vegetable fried rice, and there were "sweet dogs" to end the meal, little torpedoes of brioche stuffed with almond paste and cream. See some of the highlights from the second installment of Saveur Suppers below—with hopefully many more to come.

Marcus Samuelsson addresses the hungry crowd, flanked by publisher Kristin Cohen and editor-in-chief Adam Sachs.
Sho'nuff noodles and roasted chicken with spice shake, on their way to the table.
Tables were topped with bowls of The Man with a Headband, a sweet soy, ginger, and scallion sauce named after the first person in line at the Streetbird pop-up.
Little known fact: Marcus and his team can actually make chicken levitate using only their minds.
Here's that Searzall—a Saveur 100 item from this year!—in action on some chicken thighs. And culinary intern Tamara Perkins brushing on some special sauce.
There's that telekinesis again: vegetables destined for the veggie fried rice.
Yes, chef has to eat too. (Also pictured: sous chef Edgar Estudiilio.)
Left to right: Herb Karlitz, president of Karlitz and Company and part of the committee for Harlem Eat Up!, SAVEUR editor-in-chief Adam Sachs, and chef Marcus Samuelsson.
In the thick of it all: crispy chicken with peanut and scallion (Samuelsson's answer to General Tso's) and vegetable fried rice. With all the appeal of the takeout we crave, and none of the disappointment.
The sign of a good dinner party: people actually talking to each other!
Cheers! Here's the Rapper's Delight: Monkey Shoulder blended scotch, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, honey, and fresh lemon and orange juices.
All bird, all the time: crispy chicken with peanut and scallion and roasted chicken with spice shake.
Sweet dogs getting a shower of powdered sugar. The little desserts were composed of brioche buns, whipped cream, almond paste, red velvet sauce and chocolate ganache—and were polished off in seconds.
The carnage left at the end of the night. More specifically, the remnants of a plate of frighteningly good hors d'oeuvres called tack tacks: pork belly on a fried fermented pancake. "Like a taco with an Ethiopian twist and a Swedish name," Samuelsson says. Jane Fonda print-outs provided a reliable backdrop.

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