Scenes From Palestine

In the West Bank, a good harvest and a shared meal are at the center of an enduring culture. Captions by Nancy Harmon Jenkins. Read her full story from our December 2013 issue, Heart of Palestine.

A produce vendor in the Jenin Market.
A man makes crosses from olive wood in Beit Sahour.
A vendor pulls pallets of tomatoes from his car in Beit Sahour.
Har Homa, the Israeli settlement just outside of Beit Sahour.
Chile paste in the Jenin market.
Shafaq Jarrar cleans olives in a grove near her home in Burqin during the annual harvest.
Cured olives at Bassam Abedalatif's food shop in Jenin.
In his Jenin home, a man offers a plate of ka'ak bil ma'amoul, date-stuffed ring cookies, a Palestinian holiday favorite.
Manal Abdallah, a promotion manager for Canaan Fair Trade, at a coffee shop near Jenin.
A produce vendor carries his wares in Beit Sahour.
Spices in the Jenin market.
Mohammed Isamel Ghanem in Burqin.
The lively streets of Nablus, a city in the northern West Bank, at night.
Jars of nuts packed in honey in a Jenin shop.
A Jenin produce market.
A shopping cart piled high with savory sesame ka'ak bread at a bakery in Nablus, northeast of Dayr Balut.
Home cook Siham Mustafa in her kitchen in Dayr Balut.
In Dayr Balut, Siham Mustafa makes maftoul, a dish of Palesinian couscous with chicken and chickpeas.
Nisreen Ghanem dips taboon in oil for m'sakhan, roast chicken with onion and sumac flatbread.
A woman in Jenin Old City.

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