Ramp and Wild Greens Pesto
Ramps, the wild leeks native to the forests of eastern North America, are one of the first edible plants to break through the soil in the early spring. Prized for their mild, garlicky flavor, they have a relatively short season. We’re obsessed with ramps cooked, simply, in oil, but they also go so well with eggs. They’re incredibly versatile in sauces and salads, but when you need something a little more substantial, look no further than ramp pizza. Preserve your ramps as pickles so you can reach for the allium year round. Here are the very best dishes to get your ramp fix this spring. Matt Taylor-Gross | Iwachu Cast-Iron Omelet Pan from Hand-Eye Supply

Jose Enrique’s Ramp Escabeche

Jose Enrique’s Ramp Escabeche
This super-simple spring pizza is topped with ramps, mellow, earthy morels, sharp parmesan cheese, and perfectly-runny eggs. Get the recipe for Pizza with Ramps, Morels, and Eggs

Ramp and Wild Greens Pesto

Fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz makes this punchy pesto to capture the essence of spring. Chickweed, a spicy herb, is his green of choice to pair with ramps, to which he adds mild herbs and sunflower seeds, but you can replace chickweed with watercress, arugula, or any other peppery green. The same goes for the ramps—this pesto works just as well with spring onions or garlic. It will keep in the fridge for a few weeks, and Katz uses it throughout the day: on grits or eggs for breakfast, slathered on sandwiches for lunch, and tossed with potatoes or pasta for dinner. Get the recipe for Ramp and Wild Greens Pesto »

Hugh Acheson’s Ramp Jam

Chef Hugh Acheson gave us the recipe for this simple, savory jam, featured in his cookbook The Broad Fork. It’s perfect for serving with shaved pork loin or steak and eggs, or simply spooned on toast. Get the recipe for Hugh Acheson’s Ramp Jam »

Salmon with Green Olive and Ramp Beurre Blanc

Classic beurre blanc enhanced with ramps and chopped Cerignola olives makes a creamy, velvety sauce for grilled salmon. Get the recipe for Salmon with Green Olive and Ramp Beurre Blanc »

White Cheddar Grits with Grilled Ramps

Bright, oniony ramps add a touch of springtime to a comforting southern staple. Get the recipe for White Cheddar Grits with Grilled Ramps »