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The 2017 SAVEUR Holiday Gift Guide

Giant wheels of cheese. Collector's bottles of bubbly. And enough cookbooks to keep you making something new for months. After a very strange year, we decided to go back to basics for our 2017 holiday gift guide—the things we love, earnestly and truly, and want to share with all of you.

All the items on this list come from SAVEUR's editors with one simple mandate: If we don't love it, we shouldn't recommend it. Here's that list, with time-tested tools for pro cooks, inspiration for adventurous travelers, and some taco-inspired jewelry for everyone else.


Editor: Max Falkowitz
Contributors: Stacy Adimando, Chris Cohen, Kat Craddock, Dan Q. Dao, Max Falkowitz, Michelle Heimerman, David Kaplan, Matt Taylor-Gross, Alex Testere, Jasmine P. Ting, Katherine Whittaker, Allie Wist
Original Photos: Matt Taylor-Gross
Producer: Alicia White