All the Ways We Grill Around the World

Motorcycles, shopping carts, giant hot stones—anything can be a grill if you want it

By Becca Calhoun

Published on July 8, 2016

Grilling season is in full swing, and we're setting fire to burgers, vegetables, and even cocktails; it's hard to find something that doesn't taste better when given the hot coal treatment.

The grill may also be the world's most portable cooking method—put your mind to it and you can shape just about anything into a firebox on the go. By way of example, here are 10 grilling methods we've spotted around the globe that go way beyond the backyard kettle classic.

Thailand: Bring Your Grill On Your Back

Vendors grilling on Ko Samui island in Thailand.

On the island of Ko Samui, Thailand, vendors can carry everything they need—even the hot grill itself—all on their backs.

Ukraine: Grates and a Pot Full of Coals

Grilling for a summer picnic with friends in Kiev, Ukraine.

Photographer Olga Drach captured this moment in Kiev, Ukraine. Fish gets sandwiched between grates over a pot filled with coals.

Spain: Getting Grounded

A celebration in Quintanilla del Coco.

In Quintanilla del Coco, a small town of 20 inhabitants in northern Spain, people from both inside and outside the village gather to celebrate mass at the chapel. The day consists of dancing to the tune of a large orchestra, drinking wine, and grilling meat at the shrine. As for the grill itself? Nothing more than grates rising a couple inches off the ground on a bed of ash. Low tech and plenty effective.

Czech Republic: The Importance of Accessories

Smokeless Grilling in Prague, Czech Republic. Gas mask optional.

Matěj Šmucr took this photo at a parkside grilling party with friends in Prague. The portable grill is designed to not produce smoke, but we're into the artistic touch of the gas mask.

South Africa: Braai Time

A braai in Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town, South Africa

In Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town, South Africa, locals prepare their braai (grill session or barbecue). These street stands are a common sight on weekends.

New York: All You Need Is a Shopping Cart

A shopping cart grill in Queens, New York.

A variety of grilled meats gets packed in foil to go at a not-quite-legal shopping cart food stand in Queens, New York.

Mexico: Beachside Grilling

Grilling up a variety of skewers in Puerto Vallarta right on the beach at Playa Los Muertos.

There's nothing quite like eating camarones (prawns) right on the beach. In Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta, a variety of skewers are prepared right on the sand.

The Philippines: Getting Ahead

A backyard barbecue in Manila

At a backyard barbeque held on a farm in Manila, lechon and chicken are grilled over coals. The heads will most likely be saved to make sisig (a sizzling dish of chopped pork) after the remainder of the body is sold to attendees.

Thailand: Gai Yang Time

A street vendor in Bangkok.

This Bangkok street vendor has been selling Thai grilled chicken (gai yang) for years.

Turkey: Hot Stones

Shop near the Zelve Monastery in Eastern Turkey

In Kapadokya, a historic region of eastern Turkey, there are several shops that sit outside of the Zelve Monastery. Here, one of the locals flips the gözleme (a traditional Turkish flatbread) over a hot stone griddle near the monastery area.

China: Skewers to Go

Motocycle grill in Shanghai, China

A motorcycle gets a makeover with a portable grill in Shanghai, China.

Uganda: Streetside Stew

Grilling in a small town outside of Entebbe, Uganda.

In a small town outside of Entebbe, Uganda, a woman and her son prepare a mid-day stew at a small roadside eatery called Hajat's. After started a small fire in a clay basin, the young boy threw the salted meat on a wire rack to cook.

Spain: Fish on Sticks

Grilling fish in Marbella, Spain.

These fish are stacked on spikes by a beach bonfire in Marbella, on Spain's southern coast.

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